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The Oily Bloodmen

Oily Bloodmen photo

These recordings are badly converted from old cassettes. The first 8 tracks are from the "Old Men Have To Talk Tough" cassette that was sold by the band in early `87 in an edition of just over 100. The other songs were recorded later in `87, but they never paid for the session and therefore only a few tapes that were made for the band exist. Although they ended up sounding much like their contemporaries Poison Idea, they had eclectic tastes in music that they tried to incorporate with mixed results (witness the funkified version of Godzilla). This was just enough to put them outside the bounds of the hardcore scene, and instead they ended playing some great shows with other harder to pigeonhole acts like Scratch Acid and Sonic Youth. There are lots of stories both funny and just-plain-messed-up that could be told, but that's for another day.

The band consisted of Rich Rosemus (v), Dale Moerer (g) Charley Nims (b), and John McEntire (d). John left for college in the summer of `87 and was replaced by Dean (ex-Poison Idea) for a while. I'm not really sure what happened after that.

Thanks to everyone that has contacted me with more information:

"Dale died 4 or 5 years ago of a drug overdose and Rich died in 2002 from a methadone overdose. They both had much to give the world but couldn't overcome their demons. They are greatly missed."

"The Skipper [Rich Rosemus] of The Oily Bloodmen died on dec. 19th 2001, not 2002. He was my best friend. The Zonz."

  TV Indian Run (1027095 bytes) streaming download
  Redesign (1711399 bytes) streaming download
  Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult) (1791647 bytes) streaming download
  Good Ship Friendship (1112045 bytes) streaming download
  Old Men Have To Talk Tough (768483 bytes) streaming download
  Don't Slander Me (Roky Erickson) (1379435 bytes) streaming download
  Jack Lord's Kingdom Come (935875 bytes) streaming download
  God Is The Beast That Eats Man (1129600 bytes) streaming download
  The Witch (Sonics) (1537737 bytes) streaming download
  Achilles Heart (1588832 bytes) streaming download
  Pleasure Man (1530840 bytes) streaming download
  Saturday (888855 bytes) streaming download

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